Solve Hotmail Not Working Issues in 2021 — 11 Smart Ways

Hotmail is one of the most popular email services in the world, but it’s not perfect. In fact, many people have trouble with Hotmail, not working issues. If you’re having this problem too, don’t worry — we’ve compiled 11 ways that will help solve your issue and get you back to using Hotmail without any problems!


  1. First, you should make sure that your Hotmail account is still active. If it’s not, then try turning off and on the email service with these instructions:
  2. To turn of Outlook for Windows (Outlook 2016), press the “Ctrl + Alt+Delete” keys in order to open Task Manager. Go to the Services tab, find Hotmail, and select Stop.
  3. To turn on Outlook for Windows (Outlook 2016), press the “Ctrl + Alt+Delete” keys again in order to open Task Manager. Go to Services tab, find Hotmail, and select Start.”
  4. If you don’t use Outlook on a computer that is running Windows OS, then you can try turning on and off Hotmail through the Settings app in iOS.
  5. If that still doesn’t work, restart your phone or tablet.
  6. It’s also possible to turn off and back on your mobile device by going into “Settings” > Wi-Fi settings > click the name of your wireless connection > switch off the Wi-Fi, then wait a few seconds and switch it back on.
  7. If your text messages are not showing up as they should be, you might need to update your phone’s operating system.
  8. In order to do this for Android phones: go through Settings > select About Phone or tablet (depending on which one you have) > find the “System Updates” option and tap it.
  9. For iPhones, go through Settings > General > Software Update (you can also update your device’s operating system manually by downloading iOS 12 from Apple).
  10. In some cases, resetting your phone or tablet might be necessary in order to get Hotmail posteingang working again. To do this, go through Settings > General and find the menu that says “Reset”.
  11. If you’re still having trouble with Hotmail not working issues, then contact Microsoft Support. You can reach them by phone at 1800 102 1100/Hotmail or chat on their website — it’s often easier to get your problem solved quickly when speaking to someone directly.

Top 5 Best Email Clients for Windows : Choose The Best One

Taking into consideration the number of emails one sends each day it’s no surprise we have high standards for the apps we use to manage those messages. Email Clients are no longer have only basics they have multiple features like snoozing messages, scheduling emails, and offering templates that help them to stand out from the crowd in Hotmail.

If you are a Windows user, you’ll likely have a desktop email client for when you’re on your computer for more features or to manage multiple email accounts in one software. In the following article, we’ll present the top 5 email clients for Windows and also the need for what makes a great email client for windows.

Best Email Clients for Windows

What makes a Great Email Client for Windows:

Email web apps like gmail posteingang anzeigen, Yahoo is great if you want to use them on the web but if you want to use the desktop version so that you can backup emails on the desktop, or use multiple email accounts at the same place. Whatever the reasons may be Windows offers some solutions to such problems. While looking for the best Windows email clients we have focused on stability, ease of use, and third-party integrations.

Finally, these five email clients were only chosen as they offer one of the best and unique services and give users unexpected perks too.

Top 5 Best Email Client for Windows

1) eM Client: eM Client gives you multiple account access at the same place with ease. The template layout is widely used by other email clients. It mostly has all the necessary basic features but another extra feature is the ability to translate the emails into 39 languages right within the application. It also has a Deduplicator as a tool so that one can identify any duplicate contacts, emails in their system. The client comes with a chat feature so that you can work on other projects while still use the chat to discuss with other team members in eM Client.

2) Thunderbird: Thunderbird is a windows email client with a browser experience. Browsing has become second nature to most users of the Windows email client. Keeping this in mind, Mozilla Firefox created the Thunderbird with a browser interface, and also one can use the firefox from the web client too. There is a chat option too where users can chat with other communities of users. Moreover, it is an open-source software thus it is available for free.

3) Mailbird: Mailbird lacks text on the page. Instead, it’s all about icons. One can customize the look with more flash templates. Mailbird stands out as it can integrate with nearly 50 apps and services which make a great choice for users who live in their inbox. With such features, Mailbird becomes a powerful hub for communication and project management.

4) Windows Mail: Windows mail is a default application that comes pre-installed on Windows, and it’s as simple as it gets. Windows Mail can be connected, if you’re a Windows user to your core, you appreciate the native feel. It consists of many basic features and is free for use.

5) Microsoft Outlook: It is one of the oldest email clients out there that are still widely used, and for a good reason it’s reliable. Plus outlook’s & arcor login email, calendar, and contact management system works seamlessly with it. It comes with all the necessary basic features and also has multiple unique features one can find them in the Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks section. It is free till the trial period then one can purchase a license for it on outlook.

On a concluding note, one can rest assured with the email clients given in the article all of them prioritize user security and data privacy.